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Dear members of the Centre —

This is an open invitation for the Centre's past (and current) students,
staff, faculty, visiting faculty, visitors, mentors for student projects,
research collaborators, etc.; in short, anybody who had
any kind of academic association with the Centre.

In 2015, the Centre completed (believe it or not) 12 years of existence.

We would like to know how you see the Centre in hindsight.
We would like to revive contact with you, know where you are
these days, and what kind of work you are engaged in.

We invite you to fill out this "CMS in Hindsight" feedback questionnaire
and share with us your thoughts and views about the Centre.

The questionnaire is primarily designed for the Centre's alumni.
However, we would like to get feedback from all quarters,
not just from the Centre's alumni. Therefore, we request you
to interpret questions suitably in the light of your association with the Centre.

Please also pass-on this invitation to your classmates and colleagues at the Centre,
and those who have or had an academic association with the Centre.
We apologize if this invitation reaches you through multiple paths.

Although this invitation may sound a bit impersonal, please treat it as
coming from the person at the Centre that you interacted with most!

Thanks and regards,
Current members of the Centre

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