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Direct +91.20.2569.0842 Not in operation; inconvenience regretted.
University Exchange +91.20.2560.1448
Campus Extension 1448

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Academic Coordinator
coordinator AT cms.unipune.ernet.in

Computing and User Support
General: computing AT cms.unipune.ernet.in
HPC: hpc AT unipune.ac.in

webmaster AT cms.unipune.ernet.in

library AT cms.unipune.ernet.in

Everything Else
office AT cms.unipune.ernet.in

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Centre for Modeling and Simulation
Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune 411 007 INDIA

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10:30 AM to 5:30 PM Monday to Saturday (except on University holidays)

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The Centre is located on the eastern side of the campus, behind the University Press and the Health Centre, and next to the Shishu Vihar School and the Centre for Information and Network Security (CINS). Other departments in the immediate vicinity are Department of Law, and Department of Management Science.

Directions from University Main Gate

After entering the University main gate, take the right fork. Take the first right. Continue for about 200m. You will pass Department of Microbiology on the right, Department of Law on the left, Department of Management Science on the right. The Centre is located ahead of you, next to the Centre for Information and Network Security. Google map with directions from the University main gate


Take right after you enter the University by the main gate. Continue till you see the University Press and Health Centre on the right. There is a road in between these two buildings, on the right. Take the right turn here; continue for about 100m. CMS is the second building on the left, next to the Centre for Information and Network Security.

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