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Bhalchandra  Pujari
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Methods in Computational Physics (MCP)

Assignment # 1

Make a short write up (half a page) on the errors observe in Euler and Euler-Cromer method for simple harmonic oscillator, against analytical solution, as a function of h (grid spacing). You can choose your own method to best describe the errors.
Submission deadline over (Only PDF format is accepted.)

Assignment # 2

Derive expression for y(n+h) given by Runge Kutta Fourth order method.
Submit here before 30th July 2016 (Only PDF format is accepted.)

Assignment # 3

We have done so many things during the course. We visited several numerical methods and differential equations. It is time to make a concise report what all you have achieved. Prepare a documentation of whatever you have done/learnt from Euler to RK4 and from harmonic oscillator to planetary motion (or any other crazy experiments that you might have done). Give your documentation appropriate support of diagrams, plots etc.
Submit here before 13th Aug 2016 (Only PDF format is accepted.)

Assignment # 4

Using the Numerov algorithm generate the radial probability density for n=1,2, for all possible l of hydrogen atom.
Submit here before 1st Oct 2016 (Only PDF format is accepted.)

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