Courses Currently Being Taught at CMS

This is a course covering basics of calculus, linear algebra, vvector analysis and complex analysis
(2)Computational Fluid Dynamics II
(3)Partial Differential Equations

Courses Formerly Taught

(1)Probability and Statistics.
The text I used is "All of Statistics" by Larry Wasserman.
(2) Miscellaneous Numerical Methods
This course covered interpolation, algebraic equations, approximation, derivatives and integration.
(3) Differential equations in fluid mechanics
Short course covering governing equations, side conditions, steady and unsteady flows and Couette flow.
This course is meant for engineers and was a part of a programme carried out by the Institute of Defence Scientists and Technologists, Pashan, Pune (INDIA)
(4) Solid and Fluid Dynamics
Short course covering basics of fluid mechanics and structural engineering
This is a part of the Computational Fluid Dynamics elective

(5)Numerical Methods of Computational Fluid Dynamics

(5)Ordinary Differential Equations

(6)Partial Differential Equations